I-55 runs north-south through the state of Mississippi and through the counties of Desoto, Tate, Panola, Yalobusha and Grenada in the NMIDA region. This interstate provides a four-lane transportation route from Chicago, Illinois, to LaPlace, Louisiana.

I-22 follows the path of existing U.S. Highway 78, from Birmingham, Alabama, to Memphis, Tennessee. This interstate will pass through Tupelo, Holly Springs, and Olive Branch, Mississippi.

When completed, I-269 will create a fast connection to I-40 from northern Mississippi counties of Desoto and Marshall.

U.S. Highways

U.S. Highway 45 runs north-south from Ontonagon, Michigan, to Mobile, Alabama, providing Gulf Coast access. In the NMIDA region, the highway enters at Corinth, passes through Tupelo and Columbus, and then heads to Meridian. The entire Mississippi portion of U.S. 45 is divided four-lane. U.S. 45 Alternate is west of U.S. 45 and reconnects with the highway south of Tupelo.

U.S. Highway 72 runs east-west from Memphis, Tennessee, to South Pittsburg, Tennessee (just west of Chattanooga). In between these points, the highway passes through Huntsville, Alabama, and Corinth, Mississippi. Most of the highway in Mississippi is divided four-lane.

U.S. Highway 78 will become Interstate 22 in the near future. The highway provides an east-west route from Birmingham, Alabama, to Memphis, Tennessee, passing through the Mississippi towns of Tupelo, Holly Springs, and Olive Branch. The highway has been constructed to freeway standards.

U.S. Highway 82 runs east-west from New Mexico to the east coast of Georgia. The portion of U.S. 82 in Mississippi is divided four-lane and much of it is constructed to freeway standards. In the NMIDA region, it passes through the towns of Columbus and Starkville.

Mississippi Highways

Mississippi highways create a network of roads throughout the northeastern counties of Mississippi, connecting both Interstates and U.S. Highways for quick and easy transportation of goods and vehicles.