The Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, a designated national marine highway, runs north-south through the eastern portion of the NMIDA region. The Waterway connects the Tombigbee River with the Tennessee River, creating a water transportation route that serves 23 southern and mid-western states from the Gulf of Mexico (Port of Mobile) northward. Six public ports are located in the NMIDA region.

Yellow Creek Port

Located near Iuka, the Yellow Creek Port has a Kansas City and Tenn-Rail connection. An on-site steel processing facility is available. Facilities include a 420-foot dock, 200-ton capacity mobile cranes, forklifts, barge storage, humidity-controlled warehouse, and truck scales.

Port of Itawamba

Located adjacent to Fulton, the Port of Itawamba has short track rail and Burlington Northern Railroad connections. Facilities include a humidity-controlled warehouse, paved outdoor storage, 60-ton capacity crane, conveyor, truck unloading facilities and truck scales. A variety of logistical services are offered.

Amory Port

Located near Amory, the Amory Port has a Burlington Northern Railroad connection. Facilities include 30-ton capacity crane and open storage area with an asphalt surface.

Aberdeen Port

Located near Aberdeen, the Aberdeen Port’s facilities include a concrete dock, 100-ton capacity mobile crane, truck scales, warehouse, and an outdoor storage area with an asphalt surface.

Clay County Port

Located near West Point, the facilities at the Clay County Port include barge stowage, 60-foot drive-on steel bulkhead dock, crane cell for mobile crane, crane dock, truck scales, 20-acre staging area surfaced with crushed stone.

Lowndes County Port

Located near Columbus, the Lowndes County Port has a Kansas City Southern Railroad rail connection that connects to CAGY, VN, Norfolk Southern, and AGR. Facilities include a 100-ton capacity crawler crane, 40-ton overhead bridge, conveyor, bulk hopper, rail and truck scales, warehouse, outdoor storage area, paved container truck marshalling yard, and a crane with covered two-barge berth unloading dock.